How does Snapchat Snapcode Work?

How Does Snapchat Snapcode Work?

The Snapchat Snapcode is basically a QR (Quick Response) Code, for those of you who have never heard the term before, you may be confused. QR coes typically contain a subset of data that can be electronically scanned just like common bar codes that are found on almost all products out there. This is what a Snapchat Snapcode (QR code) looks like:


Snapchat Snapcodes are a bit odd looking at first, but this code is something that all snapchatters should be aware of because it is an easy way of sharing your snapchat account with others. Everyone who uses Snapchat has probably come across their Snapchat icon with the ghost in the middle with a bunch of what seem to be random black dots surrounding it. This is what is called your Snapcode. The random black dots surrounding the snapchat ghost contain data, the data here is your Snapchat username. Once you scan this code by taking a photo of it in the Snapchat app, the app reads the data containing dots and adds the user referenced by the snapcode.

What is the Purpose of Snapcodes?

Snapcode offer snapchatters an easier way to follow other people without using Snapchat’s follow button. Prior to having snapcodes, if someone wanted to follow anyone on Snapchat they would have had to find their username and manually type it in the add friends search box. Many of us make mistakes when trying to find our new friends on snapchat, now however you simply open the Snapchat app, point your phones camera at the snapcode and voila you’re done. Also, you can have someone screenshot the snapchatter you want to follow, send the photo to you, and just open the photo in snapchat and you’re set, you have no started following them. Overall, it’s much easier than typing in a username and eliminates the hassle of making mistakes when you have usernames like L1keMe4ever_9382.

Where Can I Find my Snapcode?

1) Open the Snapchat Application
2) Select the ghost icon at the top left side of the screen
3) Once you press on the ghost, you should see your snapcode

How Do I Add Someone’s Snapcode?

Using the Camera

1) Launch the Snapchat Application
2) Open the Snapchat Camera as if you were to take a photo
3) Point the camera at the snapcode you want to add
4) Click the take photo button
5) Snapchat should then open the users profile
5) Press the add friend button
6) You’re set

Using a Photo of a Snapcode

1) Launch the Snapchat Application
2) Select the ghost icon at the top left of the screen
3) Select Add Friends
4) Select Add by Snapcode
5) Select the Photo of the Snapcode from your photo album (Place you saved the photo)

QR Codes / Snapcodes For Websites

Snapchat recently gave websites the ability to create their own QR Snapcodes. IOS and Android users can now create a unique Snapcode for their website. Once created, the snapcode can open the website when scanned through the app. This feature is very powerful for business and site owners to promote their websites with snapcodes instead of just using URLs. 

To use this new feature, open your snapchat “Settings” and select “Snapcodes,” once you have done that, click “Create Snapcode.” You will be prompted to enter the URL for the site you want to create a snapcode for, enter the site and save the QR code, it’s that simple.

Who Started the QR Code Craze?

The Chinese messaging App WeChat pioneered the idea of sharing usernames and profile information via QR code. Snapchat brought this idea to the West long after it existed in the East. Facebook later copied the idea by adding QR codes for adding people on Facebook Messenger. Snapchat boosted the application’s popularity by offering more ways to promote content among business and users. Snapchat’s rising competitor allows users to share URLs in their profiles, Snapchat does not. If Snapchat wants to compete, they have to become more flexible, allowing users to promote their websites or products.