Snapchat Hacks

Snapchat is indeed a fun and great way to send videos and pictures to friends, but this is not considered as the most user friendly app these days. There are lots of hidden features that are not totally obvious to the untrained eyes. Even if you have already mastered what the basics are, there are still many tricks on how to hack the app and get the most out of your own Snapchat experience more than what you have ever imagined.

Do you want to take a certain screenshot without your friends finding it out? There is a certain hack for that, which for sure will fascinate you the most. How about sending videos that are more than ten seconds long? Worry no more because many hacks are there that will get you covered.

One thing right before you kick start with the Snapchat secrets: you have got to make sure that you already have “filters” along with other fun stuffs switched to right on your settings because without those, what you are even doing on your Snapchat?



  • You can easily find out who follows you back on Snapchat. Well, this is not a drill. The minor catch is that you will just need to follow other Snapchat users yourself. In Snapchat, just go to “Add Friends” and tap on “Add by Username”. Type the username of the person and hold down on the username. If you can see their own Snapchat score that is circled right in the screenshot below, it only means that the person is following you back. The best way in order to know if other person follows you without following them back is if they have added you recently. You will then find your recent followers right under “Added Me” section.
  • You can utilize volume buttons in order to snap a video or photo in the Snapchat, just like you would with a photo on native Camera app.
  • Have you ever wondered how to doodle on the smaller and very difficult to reach areas? Just enable the zoom feature right on your own device and then magnify the image.
  • Here is a simple way on how to easily enable the zoom feature:
  • On Android Devices: Just launch the “Settings”, tap “Accessibility”, tap “Vision”, tap “Magnification gestures”, and then turn “Zoom” on.
  • On iOs: Launch the “Settings” of the device and then tap “General”, tap “Accessibility”, under the “Vision Section”, tap “Zoom”, and then turn “Zoom” on. It is also handy most especially when you wish to outline your text within thin borders.
  • You can utilize multiple filters in just a single snap. Just apply the filter on snap and then hold the display while utilizing other the finger in choosing additional filter. This only means that with this hack, you will no longer have to settle for white and black filter or the time stamp filter or even the geotag. This is made even better because you can utilize all the three at once.
  • You can snap without touching the screen and this is all because of AssistiveTouch feature right on iOS. Just launch settings, tap “General”, and tap “Accessibility”. Right under the “Interaction Section”, just tap AssistiveTouch and then enable it. You will then see small icon that pops up on the screen’s right side. Tap “Create New Gesture” and on the “New Gesture” page, just hold your own finger on the screen right until blue bar located at the bottom is then completed. After the bar is filled, you can tap “Stop”. Tap “Save” and then enter a gesture’s name. Launch the Snapchat and before recording, make sure to tap small icon on the screen’s right side and tap “Custom” in order to select your own gesture. A circle will then appear right on the screen. Just tap the record button in order to film without holding it down the whole time.
  • You can switch SNapchat Filters while video recording. With this hack, you will no longer have to settle for a single filter for every snap. You can utilize multiple in single recording. This is even more fun and exciting if you really want to make a narrative playing different characters or you just cannot decide which one to utilize.
  • Utilize sound effects in order to improve your snapchats. You can find them on iTunes. Spotify on the other hand has its royalty-free albums that are full of different sound effects. It is highly recommended playing the sounds on your own phone while you snap from the same device. This will help the sounds to come out clearer in your own snap.
  • You can utilize emojis as the color overall filters on the snaps. To use this hack, just simply place the emojis right over the snap and then below it. The edge of the emoji will then create a very colorful filter.
  • You can utilize even more shades than what you think. In order for you to conveniently draw in white on your iOS device, just touch rainbow color palette and then drag your own finger right to the screen’s top left corner. To successfully draw in black, just touch the color palette and then drag your own fingers right at the screen’s bottom. To find darker or lighter shades of colors, just drag your fingers around the screen right until you find shades that you want. You will then see bunch of different colors that are not in the palette.
  • Shrink down the emojis and then set very realistic scenes with them.
  • You can utilize emojis as your stencils to make doodling more fun and much easier. This hack works perfectly most especially if you want to draw things, which in the first place already exist as emojis. For instance, you really want to draw a ship, but you really are not an artist. You can choose ship emoji and then trace right over it. Everyone will certainly think that you are definitely a Snapchat doodle master.
  • Serious artists can now doodle with the stylus. It is advisable to use a ReTrak Retractable Stylus. Right before buying stylus, always make sure that it is compatible with your device so that you will get the most out of it.
  • Your own snap stories mainly expire after twenty four hours, but do not fret because you can set an alarm right before the story expires if you want to save what you have.
  • Your own Snapchat account has a profile link that is shareable. You can tweet it out or post it on your Facebook account so that your friends can find you and at the same time add you.
  • You can save your conversations by means of tapping and holding the messages.
  • You should never be afraid to create. A great way for you to get even better at Snapchat is by means of telling stories through creating.

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Wait, there is more. Below are some other Snapchat hacks that you can use to create best Snapchat experience more than what you have ever imagined.

  • Right after taking your Snapchat picture, just swipe left in order to see if there is any local geofilter that you can add to your own Snap.
  • If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can now make your own location-based geofilters.
  • Use this hack in order to combine different filters. Just swipe one chosen filter into place and then hold it down with your own finger. Utilize your other hand to easily swipe and at the same time select additional filters that you prefer.
  • For you to draw right on your snap, just tap the pen icon located in the screen’s upper right hand corner and then utilize the rainbow icon for you to select the colors.
  • You can create lighter colors by means of utilizing same method as well as dragging your own fingers up and down the screen’s left-hand side.
  • You want to take pictures at night time, this mainly requires rummage in additional options along with active flash right before the options. The lighting symbol will then appear on screen’s top left.
  • With the use of Snapchat hacks, you can delete your own account at Snapchat. After the storage controversy via the company primarily sent by Snapchat or even a scandal right over the Snapchat’s security flaw, many want to get their account deleted. Simply removing the application is not enough. There is a need to go to the Snapchat’s website and then delete your own account. Remember that deletion is mainly irreversible, you cannot simply go back, and your own account will permanently disappear.
  • If you are tired of seeing a full Snapchat story, worry no more because there are hacks to use to get rid of those stories. For you to skip the next snap in a certain story, just hold your finger right on the snap and then tap the screen using your other finger. The next snap story will then appear instantly on the screen.

Those are just some of the secrets you can utilize to make your Snapchat experience worth another round of try. So, what are you waiting for, try Snapchat now and be the one to speak for yourself.

Why Use Snapchat Tricks and Hacks

Seriously, most of you would ask: why use Snapchat tricks and hacks? What are the reasons behind using Snapchat? Does it can help you in getting more numbers of followers on the different social media platforms or not?  Well, to such questions we have answers to give you. Just make sure to read on the information below for more essential information about Snapchat.

Nowadays, as you can see, even though many people are very busy doing their current jobs or have duties to do, they never miss out on their social networking sites. And for sure you are also one of them, right? And one of the most popular social apps which I think most young and new generation are using these days is none other Snapchat. Snapchat is simply one of the top video messaging applications that most of the adults and youngsters are addicted to use. Yes, no one can blame anyone as this is the latest app which attracts the interest of people, especially for those who are engaged in social network sites. Though, lets say, you are familiar with how to use it, still, you must become updated particularly of the several cool and great features mainly provided by this popular app that simply make one’s snapping more interesting. Simply, by learning these new Snapchat tips and secrets on how it can be effectively used can better help you interact especially with all new experience which in turn can change your point of view. But, wait, before you get into these tips and secrets to increasing numbers of followers, let me first introduce to you the importance, reasons, and benefits Snapchat tricks and hacks can bring for you particularly as marketing opportunities.

If you are a musician or a person involved in any side of the industry, Snapchat is in fact a platform you should consider in order for you to effectively market what you have. Here is why:

  • If you consider using Snapchat tricks and hacks in your marketing strategy, you will for sure get the attention of many potential customers online. Remember, Snapchat is a very popular app these days. This is also where the target audience spend most of their time. In order for you to use Snapchat tricks and hacks online, you can use it daily and if possible post a collection of few images where it will grab the attention of many users. However, do not make this app tricks like a sales pitch. Just focus on posting valuable content, behind the scenes and eighty per cent exclusives that your fans will enjoy the most while only using twenty per cent posts to promote announcements and music releases. This way, you will not only get the attention of people to follow you with your music, but also let them watch your posted video, convincing them to buy your new album as an artist.
  • It has not been ruined yet.  When I say ruined, I am actually referring to two different things. The first is, when parents began using Facebook, most numbers of teenagers scrambled to find new social networking sites that they can use. This is why Snapchat is considered one of the good options where everyone can spend most of their time. Secondly, because Snapchat tricks and hacks gain more popularity worldwide, it can be used as a marketing tool or strategy particularly for artists. But in what way it will be used? Simply, if you already have your own account, then you can now start promoting it to your fans while making it as your tool to market your album to potential users online. If possible, try to keep your own banding consistent through utilizing the same user name on Snapchat that you are also actually using on other account. Since, there are no opportunities or search bars to view someone’s profile right before adding them, it is therefore essential to add the right artist. In addition, if you want to get user’s interest, just keep your username simple and short.
  • Snapchat tricks and hacks can add to the overall experience. Snapchat tricks and hacks are actually good ways that help artist create an intimate and closer relationship with fans through a more and exclusive platform. With that said, artists can use this new platform to increase the overall fan experience by simply posting teasers of upcoming releases and announcements such as new recordings. This way, you will for sure get their interest to follow you for long time.

Snapchat is an extremely valuable platform where anyone in the music industry or someone can use it in marketing their album or business. However, it is essential to understand it first to achieve better interaction and marketing.

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