Snapchat For Beginners


As the mode of communication becomes more high-tech in the passing of years, another innovation makes it convenient to communicate with others wherever you are. Today, you will have a new perspective of a messaging application that will make the most of your time in connecting with your loved ones.

Generally, Snapchat is your friendly image messaging app software produced by Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Evan Spiegel on their college years at Stanford University. It was first released in September 2011. It has been successful during its first release. Actually, 2 billion of videos and photos were sent daily that time by its users. Every day, there are millions of people, who turn to Snapchat to experience its great offers. Thanks to the innovative mind of the creators that they were able to successfully come up with this amazing project.

Started as a project in class, the prototype of Snapchat became a huge interest for Spiegel and the company who decided to collaborate to improve their project. At first, it was named “Picaboo” conceptualized by the team. In July 2011, the Picaboo was launched but limited to iOS users only. After two months, the app was launched again with a different name that is Snapchat.

Based on the deposition statements and documents, it was Reggie Brown, who brought up the idea of disappearing photo to Spiegel knowing that the latter had business experience prior to this one. Upon collaborating, the two then dragged in Murphy who is experienced in coding. For a number of months, the three worked so close for the project straight until the first release of the product. After a few weeks, Murphy and Spiegel established a new team with only the two of them then denied Brown prior to the rebranding of the app to Snapchat.

Since that day, the team was more focused on the technical aspects of the product rather than branding but the idea of Brown for the ghost face was an exception. They stick to it as the mascot design inspired by the Ghostface Killah. Evan Spiegel stands as the CEO of the company that he and Murphy have built together. He described the company mission declaring that Snapchat does not only offer the solution to conventional Kodak moment but it also provides a more convenient communication mode for users, giving them souvenirs for special moments of people’s lives.

The company presents Snapchat as the most effective solution to the present need of people in an instant and faster communication mode for social media. Offering candid shots, the product introduces a new way to enjoy taking photos with your family, friends or with your special someone as you it provides a blemish-free picture from the actual photo to paper. As the creators continue to innovate the product and sort out for the possible defects in the entire design and feature, Snapchat will consistently be a part of humanity’s goal for getting a much efficient mode of communication that is in the form of an application for Android and PC.

The discovery of the application opened the door for majority of people to devise a way on how they can improve their means of communication. Its ability to provide us with better communication and photoshopping application giving the highest regard to the creators is the highest innovation that it can provide to the users. So far, the makers are finalizing their ideas on how they can come up with the best model for the app that will cater the solutions to the different needs of the users. In this case, we can trust that Snapchat will continue to become an effective product for all of us.

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How Does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat is a popular mobile application wherein you can send photos and videos to your friends in an easy and a fun filled manner. Aside from that, Snapchat is also an enjoyable messaging application where you can add a caption to a photo and video and send it to a friend. Your friend can view the photos or videos for up to 10 seconds and then it disappears.

It is a fun filled mobile application, which is suited for everyone. Snapchat is more popularly used by teenagers and adults due to its efficiency and cool features. It is easy to use and many find it enjoyable and effective for messaging and sharing purposes.

How does a Snapchat work?

Snapchat is very easy to use and provides you with the most basic steps on how to use it like a pro. In no time, you will be able to send and specify features that will suit your preference.

Main screen

First, you must download the Snapchat app and when it is done, you can easily access the camera into your mobile. This camera will be your main screen. A big round camera button is found in the bottom of the camera view. This is for taking pictures and videos. If you want to take a picture, just tap the camera button or just hold to make a video.

Adding contacts

If you want to attract many followers, add contacts to your list. In order to do this, swipe down while you are on the main screen. Then, a gear icon is displayed on the top right to access settings. The contacts screen lets you know who has added you or you can add at the same time browse to the list.

Making Snaps

  • Tap the large camera button to a large snap while you are to hold or record a video.
  • Use your finger to choose a color and then start tracing it to a snap in the previous screen.
  • Add various different kinds of filters in the preview screen
  • Select the universal download icon if you want to download as file to your device.

Sending Snaps

Tap the arrow shape icon on the right if you want to send a photo to a friend. There are many things that are done by tapping your snap.

Replaying Snapchats

Tips to replay Snapchats are the following:

  • Go to main menu of your mobile and then select the square numbered icon located on the bottom-left.
  • Press and hold to a snap you just viewed in order to gain a replay of the snaps you have sent. There are no secrets in this one because you can be able to see the sent photos before these disappear.

Sending Stories

If you want to gain many followers, the best way is to send stories and in order for you to do this is to tap the story icon located in the preview screen. In doing this, many people will view your stories every day. Another way is to take a snap and then tap the send icon. In this manner, you can also change who are allowed to see your stories.

Viewing Stories

Useful tips on how to view stories are the following:

  • Tap the three–line icon on the camera screen and then scroll down to the bottom of your contacts list to see more stories.
  • You can also view stories through the Discover section at the tap of the screen and tap any of your chosen publishers.

Viewing Scores

Swipe down your fingers from the camera screen, the score will appear beside your name under the Snapchat logo. If you want to view your total friends score, just tap their names in your contacts list.

Chatting with Friends

The chat feature provides a wide range of enjoyable and fun conversations with your friends.

Go to your contact list and tap the friend you want to chat. Next, in message pane, just tap yellow camera located at the right side of text box in order for you to take snap and then send it.

Using Here

A live video chat with your friends while using sub feature is mainly called “Here”.

Press blue camera button located on the right in order to access the application. But you have to make sure to hold and press the blue camera so that there will be no hassles on Snapcodes or broadcast features such as the audio and video from you to your friend.

The Snapchat mobile application is a great way to engage freely with friends and family. With the use of Snapcodes, photo and video features, you can be able to chat, send and share photos and videos in a fun filled manner.

How to Use Snapchat

Snapchat is a kind of picture based chatting application that has already taken the world by storm. If you are looking for real fun, get started only in taking for few minutes. Once you created your account, you will have the opportunity to send photo or video snaps instantly. Thus, you will have the chance to perform video chat together with your Snapchat friends.

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Getting started

  • Download and install Snapchat app. For you to create your own Snapchat account, download the app in Google play store or in Apple app store for free.
  • Click the sign up. After you install the app, you can now start the process of creating your account. You need to enter your valid email address and at least 13 years old before  an creating account. You need to create an account that has unique username and do not include your personal information. Choose the image you want in your account and tap to continue.
  • Add friends. The Snapchat will scan your phone contacts to look for people who use Snapchat. You can add someone and view their own stories if they are in public but there are other users, who need to add you back to reply in your snaps.
  • Add friends through their usernames. Entering usernames is the quickest way to add your friend. On the other hand, you can add someone through the use of their real name, phone number, and email address. In doing this, tap the ghost button to open your profile and tap the add friends to show the add friend menu. Tap add by username and enter the username of person you want to add in your contact and tap + to add this user in your friend’s list.
  • Add people through their Snapcode. You can use the Snapcode to quickly add people whom you like to add in your list. Simply tap the photo in Snapcode and point the camera on someone’s Snapcode and choose add by Snapcode from add friends menu and choose the image that contains Snapcode that you wanted to add in your friends list.

Creating Snaps

  • Switch between front and back camera. If you have device that has front and rear camera, you can now switch it between them and then tap the button of your camera in upper right corner of Snapchat screen.
  • Tap the circleat the bottom of the phone screen to start taking a photo. Tap circle chatter button of your screen if you want to take image snap. Your camera will capture the display in your screen.
  • Press and hold circle to record your video snap. You will have 10 seconds to record a video by tapping the button held.
  • Tap X to discrad your snap. If you do not like the video or image in your snap, you can top the X to discard it completely.
  • Tap timer button and set time limit in your photo snaps.

The use of filters in changing facial features

  • Switch to front facing camera. The camera will scan your face and will apply some crazy effects.
  • Press hold your face in the screen. You will see wireframe in your face and you can then choose the effects at the bottom of your screen.
  • Swipe through available options and activate the effects. Lenses can add some effects or text and choose the one you think is best for your photo.

Face Swap

  • Press the screen when on the front facing camera, until the filter menu appears.
  • Choose the face swap in the menu to find the option of face swap and wait to appear the smiley faces.
  • If you are wearing glasses, it is best to take it off to effectively work the face swap.
  • Align the two faces in the dotted outlines in smiley once the aligned they will now swap.
  • Take the snap by simply tapping the circle button in your screen.
  • Save your snap in your phone and tap download button if you want to send any picture.

Adding some filters, text drawings, stickers and emoji

  • Tap the sticker button for you to see emoji or stickers and place it in your picture.
  • You can tap sticker in your snap and drag it in your screen and put as many as you can.
  • You can adjust the size and rotate the sticker with your two fingers.
  • If you want to draw tap the pencil and draw in your snap.

Sending your Snapchat

  • Tap the download button to save your snap in your phone. Then tap the send button once you are satisfied with your snap looks to open your contact list. Once you are done choosing your contact tap send to send your snaps.

Chatting through Snapchat

  • Open snap section in your Snapchat to open your inbox, choose the user you want to chat with, and enter text through keyboard and type the message that you like to chat. You can browse picture in your gallery if you want to send picture. But if you want to create audio call, tap phone button to notify the person you are calling with. On the other hand, if you prefer to perform video call, tap the video button to start your video call.
  • Tap smiley button to open list of stickers if you want to have private chat.
  • To open the Snapchat screen tap circle button to create snap and send it directly to someone you like to chat.

how to use snapchat tips hacks usernames celebrity nfl beginners 2016

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Today, most people are attached to social media that leads to the creation of a number of applications allowing people to take control on their account much better. The world has become much closer to the innovations of modern technology that it tends to develop, transform, and change along with the development of newer technologies and applications.

Generally, Snapchat was innovated 5 years ago but it is consistently growing and evolving to give the best result for people. It is still blowing until the present though there are newer applications that have arrived. There are lots of reasons that people continue to get attached with these product. The reason can be personal or general. The only thing that does not make the difference is the fact that majority are still into it for daily use.

The strong engagement of people to social media is one of the reasons that Snapchat maintains its popularity even in the passing of years. It is not like the typical text messaging or photo maker that you know because it operates on a different way guaranteeing the best outcome for the user. Whatever way you look at it, there will always be something that you can get from it that only the product can give. Its features are great providing only the most convenient mode for communication for most people. Because of its amazing features, it has become more popular particularly for individuals who spend most of their time updating their social media account. With easy navigation, you can easily upload a photo, push notification, send messages and share link to their friends without much hassle.

Because of the many offers of the application, Snapchat has become much convenient for everyone since they have easily been hung up on it. Providing a number of proposition for the user, we can say that it greatly affects the way that we see the world before than now. If you are going to project and pay attention on the relevance of the product to the modern setting, you will see that there had been lots of changes that happened particularly on the improvement to social media and communication. Since we are all used to post photos and videos to our social media, using Snapchat will offer the easy way for us to connect to our account.

Perhaps for other people, they do not bother to try Snapchat because it’s an old model. In addition, there are newer applications that look much convenient than it. However, the moment you tried to use it, you might want to use it over and over again because of the different comfortable results that it offers. Snapchat will remain the number one choice for most people due to the fact that majority has tried how it provided great results for both messaging and social media endeavor. The underlying convenience that it provides is the thing that makes it a special app for Android, iOS and PC. Nothing can ever replace it from its spot.

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