Snapchat Breakups

Breaking up with a loved one is easy in 2016, especially when you have Snapchat.

Here are some of the best Snapchat Breakups found on the internet.

1- Carly Jae Repsen “Call me maybe,”

Carly Jae Repsen "Call me maybe,"

2- Bad ex-boyfriend!

sister ex gf breakup snapchat

3- A break-up is imminent when someone’s health is involved


4- A Facebook Breakup via Snapchat


5- Plain Stupidity

stupid beak up cheating condom poke holes baby pregnant

6- The Harshest Way

harshest break up snapchat online message

7- Speed Kills

speed kills relationship advice snapchat breakup

8- Don’t Like it Anyway


Who knew this multimedia mobile application had the power to unleash ugly break-ups.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people shared photos of their dinner?



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