Make Money From Snapchat Snapcodes

Snapchat introduced Snapcodes back in 2015 and have now given the world the power to direct people to any URL (even using URL shorteners) thanks to new in-app tools and one via the web who snap a Snapcode using the Snapchat app.  Users simply take a photo of the code which is then recognised by the Snapchat app and an in-browser experience is then quickly loaded.  While the foreseeable future will see marketers simply drive traffic to different parts of their website or special content, the future for Snapcodes is brighter than the dreaded QR codes.  What are the potential other uses for the new codes though?

1) Voting / Competitions / Surveys / Coupons

Snap your decision or snap to enter could be a very quick way to get people to give up phone numbers and emails… A timed competition (just refresh the page when there are “winners”) could make people snap multiple times.

2) Exclusive content

Obvious – all about placement but could be highly targetted with stickers and digital screens – or contextually relevant places…toilet paper?  Treasure hunts could also be given a new lease of life if they are used online and offline.  Could be especially fun for pop-up experiences.

3) Media appraisal

A bold idea but…not every ad is good – what if you used Snapcodes to get feedback about the ads you put out and then took down the bad ones?

4) App installs

Prime time to get an app installed is when the mobile is in the hand – deep links mean app developers just got another free way to create an install base.

5) Payment/Donation

Apple Pay and others are opening up faster and frictionless ways to pay and donate – will Snapcodes add further legitimacy to unlock more dollars?

6) Packaging 

Now specific links are possible, the world is your oyster – how can you add to the experience surrounding your product?

7) Increase your Facebook/Twitter…shares/followers

A simple way of getting people to like your page – or a single bit of content – using this ShareLink Generator.  Just make sure it is worth sharing…

8) Faster Customer Service / Faster Protests

Using the auto email generator (see link above) – people may be able to protest – or let you know about problems – faster than ever before to senior leaders if you enable them.

9) Second screen to action

I can see these trailing ads pretty quickly – especially if there is an offer – perhaps even lessen the reliance on paid advertising if you promoted newsletter subscribers?  What if these were contextually relevant and provided directions with an entertaining video or music on the way?

10) Billing payment / Fix-it requests / Customer service

One for businesses/councils etc – a way of quickly spotting issues (rubbish, beds etc) and possibly even speeding up payment if the codes can be mass generated quickly… You can even launch Facetime from a URL.