Become a Snap Girl and Earn Money from Snapchat!

Want to be the next Lena The Plug and earn Monthly using Snapchat subscriptions.

Here we have a quick run down of what you need.

In order to make money off Snapchat you will need some sort of following on social media/online.

What sort of content are you willing to post on your Snapchat? and can you post it Daily?
People can subscribe to your Snapchat by paying a monthly fee, they will submit their Snapchat username in the receipt of payment. They will receive your Snapcode after payment is made and you will receive payment and then add the subscriber’s Snapchat as a friend.
In your settings on Snapchat you can allow for only friends to view your story and you will send out Snapchats to only those who are on your friends list, those who have paid.
As I say in order for it to work people need to know who you are online in relation to the content you are wanting to post. If you have a large following on Twitter/Instagram this tends to work well.

Sell Your premium service through one of the following-



Or simply use Paypal

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